There are two main types of high temperature refractory firebrick: Soft Insulating Firebrick (IFB) and Hard Firebrick.


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Insulating Firebricks (IFBs) are well established products for solving many problems of high temperature heat containment in industries ranging from ceramic production kilns to anodes for primary aluminum.

Insulating Firebricks, features include:
• Excellent strength at ambient and elevated temperatures
• High compressive strength
• Every brick ground to precise dimensions
• Very low levels of iron and other impurities (especially for resistance to reducing atmosphere conditions)
• Lower heat storage than denser refractories
• Available in custom designed shapes upon request

Insulating Firebricks, benefits include:
• Energy saving benefits
• Lower operating costs
• Lightweight, energy-saving nature results in less heat loss and allows for opportunity of thinner furnace linings

High-alumina (hard) firebrick belong to the alumina-silica group containing more than 47.5% alumina. These multi-purpose refractories are available with alumina contents of up to 99+% and are good for service up to and above 3300°F (1817°C). Their refractoriness is generally in proportion to their alumina content.  Often chosen for their resistance to spalling, impact, abrasion, or load, high-alumina brick’s widest appeal lies in its high refractoriness and excellent corrosion resistance to acid and neutral slags at high temperatures.  Core Refractory Systems offers high-alumina brick of all classes, including mullite, corundum and alumina-chrome brick.  Our product line covers a wide range in refractoriness and other properties, and meets the requirements of a great variety of service conditions in most furnace types.  Our manufacturing partners continually improve manufacturing techniques and retain the highest purity domestic raw materials.  

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