We carry brand name refractory brick mortar from Vesuvius, Thermal Ceramics, and Harbison Walker


There are several types of refractory brick mortar including air or heat set and phosphate bonded.  Each type is available in several different consistencies and a wet or dry form.

Air setting mortars develop a strong bond upon drying.  The air setting bond mortar maintains strength up to a point were ceramic bonding takes effect.  The rapid mechanical strength of air setting mortars allow for larger construction designs.

Heat setting mortarts don not have any significant strength until temperatures are reached to achieve ceramic bonding.  Because they are relatively weak at lower temperatures, heat setting mortars can be used to accommodate for expansion of brick in large construction designs where strength is not critical.

Phosphate bonded mortars are a special class of heat setting mortars.  They are differnt because they require some amount of temperature (approx 600-800 deg F) to develop a chemical reaction which creates the phosphate bond.  Once this bond develops, the mortar has high strength and is highly resistant to slag and metals.

We stock a large selection of major brand name refractory mortar.  Click the product below for technical data sheet.

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