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Precast refractory shapes are custom-engineered shapes that are used in high-wear zones of furnaces and boilers. These shapes are designed to your exact specifications and are tailor-made for your furnace or boiler, in any size or configuration. They are manufactured from high-quality castable and plastic refractory materials, which can be zoned in your furnace to resist specific problem areas such as abrasion, erosion, thermal shock, metal and slag penetration.  Some examples of precast refractory shapes include burner blocks, bricks, catalyst supports, checker walls, degassers, nozzles, spargers, trough liners, pier blocks, induction furnace shapes, furnace jambs, arches, roofs, walls & hearths, headwall castings, lintels, jambs, sills, tap hole blocks, and ladle liners (drop-in).

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