Over 16 Years of Industry Experience and Exposure

Core Refractory Systems was founded in 2006 as a stocking distributor of refractory, insulation, and industrial materials to the industrial construction maintenance market. CRS has over 50 years of service in the refractory, insulation, and industrial products markets. Our partnership with large manufacturers allows us to merge local service with world class engineered solutions. We greatly appreciate our customers and hope to learn more about how we can help.

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    Solid Experience

    We're experts with the industry specific knowledge to provide exactly what you need

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    Great Customer Service

    Working with us is a simple process and we understand the expedited nature of our industry

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    Cutting Edge Research

    We don't just deliver, we make sure what we're rendering is top notch & in alignment with industry standards

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Our company is fully comprehensive in being able to serve as a supplier for all of the vital components of operations you need the most
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