Fiber Product Type

Low Biopersistent fibres (LBP) – Superwool

Low biopersistent Superwool fibre has been developed to show improved high temperature characteristics required to act as an alternative to RCF where possible.  The Superwool fibre family of products offer a versatile alternative to traditional insulation solutions for commercial, industrial, and transportation applications. Thermal Ceramics Superwool fibre patented technology is available in a variety of forms including blanket, bulk, boards, shapes, felt, paper, modules and mastic products.


-Excellent thermal stability and insulation properties
-Low thermal conductivity
-Flexible, resilient and immune to thermal shock
-Good resistance to tearing
-Low heat storage capacity
-Good sound absorption
-Exonerated from carcinogen classification within Europe and not classified as hazardous by IARC or under any national regulations on a global basis
-No requirement for warning labels under Globally Harmonized System for the classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS)

Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF)

RCF, also known as Alumina-Silicate Wools, is a highly versatile material which can be spun or blown into bulk and air-laid into blanket, folded into modules, converted into papers, boards, and shapes. Thermal Ceramics fibre blanket products are available in a wide range of chemistries, are air laid into a continuous mat and mechanically needled for added strength and surface integrity.


-Excellent insulating performance
-Excellent thermal stability: fibres have good resistance to devitrification
-Low heat storage
-The combination of long spun fibres and the needling operation produce tough, resilient and strong blankets, which resist tearing both before and after heating
-Resistance to thermal shock
-Good acoustic properties
-No smoke emission due to binder burn out

Polycrystalline Wool – PCW

Polycrystalline fibre is produced by sol-gel technology from aqueous spinning solutions and is suitable for use at application temperatures above 2400°F and in critical chemical and physical application conditions.


-Defined dimensions
-Chemical and thermal stability
-Low linear shrinkage
-Low thermal mass and good insulating properties
-High tensile strength
-Very low shot content <1%
-Uniform fibre diameters average
-High resilience

Fiber Product Form

These highly versatile high temperature insulating fibre products are lightweight, have low thermal conductivity, low heat storage and excellent resistance to thermal shock. They are available in a variety of densities, chemistries, thicknesses and temperature capabilities.

A complete line of fibres each of which offers its own unique combination of properties. These bulk fibres are produced by varying composition, fibre length, compressed density, fibre content, fibre diameter and lubricity, available in chopped, un-chopped, lubricated and non-lubricated.

Module and Log:
A unique solution to high temperature insulation linings in industrial heaters, boilers and furnaces as well as many other applications. Blanket folded and stacked module systems are also available.

Board and Shapes:
The entire vacuum formed fibre line of Boards and Shapes are available as flexible or rigid products in a wide range of compositions and a variety of standard dimensions with tolerances which can be adapted to very demanding applications. The formulations are selected to optimize performances in each application and shapes can be produced according to customer design.

Paper and Felt:
Thin sheet products including millboard, paper and felt are suitable for a variety of insulation and filtration applications. Many special grades offer properties such as no binder outgassing, low shot content and high strength.

Textile products are made from highly textured forms of various fibres in both Superwool® fibre and Kao-Tex® using refractory ceramic fibre.  Fibre yarns and other organic binders are converted into a wide variety of woven textile forms including cloth, ropes, packing and sleeving.

Mastic insulation from Thermal Ceramics complement our full line of refractory and insulation products. This extensive offering includes pumpables, moldable, cements, and coatings, and is manufactured specifically to aid in efficient furnace, kiln, and boiler operations.

Fire Protection:
Our FireMaster® brand of fire protection products are high performance materials that provide high quality, cost-effective fire-safe solutions that do not age, ensuring reliable fire protection when needed.

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